Professional Experience - Overview

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Steven was part of the first generation of kids that had access to home computing technology. As a young teenager, he wrote programs for the VIC-20 and Commodore 64. Over time he was drawn to the study of music through high school and college, but never ceased including technology as a key element in his endeavors. It's unsurprising that technology would be a focus as Steven entered professional life.

Early Career

The first career oriented roles that Steven took were related to providing technical support including supporting home computer consumers and as a field technician. Over time and with increasing experience Steven moved into more senior systems and network administration roles inside mid-sized businesses. This early work rapidly culminated in a shift to management overseeing data center technical teams and supporting end users.

Corporate Life & Transition

Managing technical operations and support teams kept Steven in close contact with the realities of his business user customers, understanding their needs on their terms. Steven developed deep knowledge of business practices across business units. Steven's work transitioned away from technical operations to concerns of application design, data, and software development. During this time Steven joined the professional services division of a business systems developer which in turned broadened his perspectives across many different businesses.

Present Day Perspective

Today Steven uses his multidisciplinary skill-set as an independent consultant and software developer. Working with small and mid-sized businesses, Steven's unique diversity of experience allows him to find practical technological solutions which closely align with his clients business needs.

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