Professional Experience - Business

Business Analyst Experience

  • Business Process Review

    Through his professional services and management related work, Steven has gained extensive experience leading non-technical, cross-functional teams through the process of documenting operational business processes and in the development of new business processes; this being typically in response to new or changed technological capabilities.

    Importantly, Steven understands that often times what is left unsaid during business process reviews can be as important, or even more important, than what is said. Steven's experience with common business practices across many functional areas allows him to query where information may be missing or assumed, where different teams have contradictory perceptions of a process, or where organizational issues may be hindering optimal outcomes.

    Finally, Steven is sensitive to the burdens and costs that such reviews can place on an organization and so works to manage the scope of reviews to those necessary to achieve positive outcomes overall.

  • Gap/Fit & Functional Requirement Development

    Mismatches between existing or envisioned business processes and application capabilities is a common theme in business system adoption. Steven's experience in business process review naturally extends to identifying application feature/function opportunities and deficiencies and working through bridging the gaps.

    First efforts are at re-working business processes to fit the available tools. Often this is achievable without the additional risk of technical work. Should a process oriented solution not be viable, scoping and designing a technology based solutions ensues.

    Capturing application functional requirements and working those into a design requires not only considering common practices and scenarios, but unavoidable edge cases as well. Once requirements are gathered and technical work is underway, it is critical that stakeholder feedback is obtained throughout the process to ensure that early plans remain viable and the best answer is still being developed.

    Example: Sales Product Configurator

    Note that the design evolved between the original design of the "Sales Order Kit Configuration" form in the functional requirements document and the realized form "Kit Configuration" shown in the training documentation. This improvement was the result of user involvement during the development process.

  • Project Team Training

    During implementation projects or the introduction of new systems and capabilities, ensuring that the implementing project team has familiarity in system being implemented is critical. Steven has substantial experience training project team subject matter experts in preparation for their roles in the project team. These training sessions range from simple, single sessions covering a newly developed feature or process to week-long cross-functional ERP training courses targeting new system implementation project teams.

    Steven also has experience training technical teams adopting new technologies, including context setting relative to the broader business scenarios.

  • Deployment & Advanced User Support

    When a new system is brought live or particularly difficult issues arise when using a system, it's often times desirable to have a professional services level of support. Steven has provided on-site implementation "go-live support" as well as conducting complex data/audit related analysis and systems performance analysis.

Management Related Experience

Steven has held management and management advisory roles for a variety of small and mid-sized companies. These roles include both technical management and coordination with non-technical partners and resources.

  • Project Management

    Steven has led projects from enterprise application implementations to computer equipment roll-outs. He has served both in internal project management roles and in "vendor project management" roles, coordinating on behalf of third parties to the project. His experience includes working through the various phases of the project management process.

    • Planning

      Scoping, resource identification, and project justification.

    • Conduct

      Risk management, resource coordination, communication, and on-going re-planning.

    • Closure

      Performance assessment, lessons learned, and follow-on efforts.

    Overall, Steven's approach to project management is to be mindful that project management formalities are not an end in themselves, but the means to accomplish the business goals of the project. Project administration must be minimized to fit the team size, project scope, and project nature.

  • Team Leadership

    Steven has led small I.T. teams of technical support staff, business analysts, and developers. His teams have ranged in size from 2 to 20. He has experience working through talent acquisition, retention, and the on-going human resources concerns involved with team management. As a manager Steven is collaborative and believes in fostering a culture of communication within his teams and with other staff and resources.

  • I.T. Financial Management

    Steven is experienced in developing departmental and project budgets, performing on-going budget management, and has an understanding of how I.T. financial management can influence the corporate financial statements and position. He has solid understanding how I.T. departmental & project expense, capex, and related depreciation expenses influence cost of project/ROI determinations and cost of ownership related to I.T. portfolio management.

    Steven has had budget development and management responsibilities across the various management positions and project management roles he has held.

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